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Pocha is short for Pojanmacha in Korea.  The exact definition of Pojanmacha is "Tented Cart on Wheels" that serves street food with drinks.  Over the years, pojanmacha has developed more into a brick and mortar style and has similar feel that of Japanese style Izakaya. It will be a place that we serve food and dishes that we like to eat while drinking. Most will be small tapas style dishes to be shared with others.  Simple menu that will have some dishes that are close to original Korean pocha dishes as well as new dishes that have other culinary influences.

Thank you for choosing M Pocha.


Prices are subject to change, click the image to get a full pdf.





M Pocha runs on a first come, first serve basis and does not take reservations. If the
restaurant is full you may speak with a host to join the waitlist.


Book your holiday/ business party at M Pocha before it's too late!

It will be an experience unlike any other!

Full bar and a wide variety of family style food to choose from.

To book your party please contact at mrestaurantsordering@gmail.com

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101 E Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701

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